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Firebase v3 Sandbox
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- Ron Royston

Firebase Database Configuration



Firebase Sandbox Help


This web application enables developers to trigger Firebase v3 methods from a graphical user interface (GUI) for learning and testing purposes. Currently, database write methods are supported. Check back soon for more features and methods support.

info_outline This web application is a front-end only. You will be interacting with your Firebase database on the back end.


Begin by creating a Firebase app compliments of Google (no cost). Firebase will provide you configuration parameters to setup your web app.

Enter your Firebase web app configuration parameters here by clicking the Firebase Configuration button located at the top right of the card on this page. Once you commit your configuration, this web app is linked only to your Firebase backend.


Open your Firebase Realtime Database viewer on in a separate window so you can view the results of your actions.

Using this web app, enter data and fire methods by clicking their respective buttons. Build up your database, tear it down, build it again. Test firebase Security Rules. It's a sandbox. Have fun!

info_outline Transaction methods require functions as an argument. You may need to use your web browser console to experiment with transactions.


Ensure that your configuration parameters are entered exactly as provided by Firebase, commit them, then reload the web page. If problems persist please submit an issue.


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