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This is a single page application implementation standard starting point utilizing Google's Firebase v4 software developers kit, SDK. You need a basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to appreciate this project. The user interface, UI, utilizes Google's Material Components Web library along with the new CSS Grid layout which delivers the responsive UI experience.

There are several additional MDC-Web UI components that one can deploy.

The largest portion of the scripting relates to implementing the Authentication Subsystem. Users can sign in via email or 3rd party social media accounts. Email users can update their display name, email address, and password - all with email verification. The photo / avatar for the user account comes from either the 3rd party provider or from If no image url is found we fallback to a base icon.

Google's recommended way to add a complete sign-in system to your web app is via their Drop-in authentication solution.

Give me a shout on twitter @RonnieRoyston or email me For more information see

Ronnie Royston

Telecomputing Architect | Software Developer
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Professional services offered on an hourly or project (fixed) price basis. Flexible arrangements. For more information see services.

Calling All Entrepreneurs& Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's)

Please contact me with your ideas. For well connected and funded individuals or organizations, services may be offered at no initial cost in lieu of partial ownership of your network or web property. In other words, you get your system built at no initial cost by bringing me in as a partner with some negitiable amount of ownership, stock option, or other financial incentive.

Services for NGO's may be offered free of charge. Please contact me with your organizations name, purpose, and need. It would be my honor to help you. An example of my pro bono NGO services is getaa.orgopen_in_new which is a mobile friendly web app showing Alchoholics Anonymous meetings in your area and uses Google's Material Design Lite, Google Maps API, and Google's Firebase hosting and realtime database.

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HTML Character Codes

HTML Character Codes Intuitively Ordered with Optional Auto Copy

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Firebase Auth Tutorial

Firebase v3 Web Auth Tutorial Full Functionality Example Code

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Firebase v3 Sandbox

Invoke Firebase v3 Methods From a Graphical User Interface (GUI)!

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A Mobile Friendly Web App to Find Todays AA Meetings

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Browser Based RESTful API Device Management


Rio Olympics Medals

Rio Olympics Medal Count with Country Population Size


Material Design Swatch

Google Material Design dynamic color swatch. Click color for codes.


Timestamp Tool

A UTC / UNIX Epoch POSIX Timestamp Generator

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Mission Statement

To produce novel, sophisticated, simple, standards based solutions expanding the value of human labor and delivering significant value to my employees, stakeholders, and customers.

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